GNO with Toodie Schaper: Birthday Suit, Writing a Book, and Big-Girl Panties

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My name is Toodie Schaper. Actually, my given name is Karen but I had a grandma from the South that at my birth exclaimed, “Oh, she looks like a little Toodie!” And it stuck. I am 63 years old, married to Frank the Fireman for 36 years as of Oct. 21st. We have one daughter, Heather, who is married to Andrew, and they now have two daughters, Riley 5, and Hadley 7mos. They are living in Centennial CO. We are frequent travelers.
I have been a Christian since I was a little girl, but really began to “get it” when I started Bible Study Fellowship at age 29. I am a trophy of grace. Undeserving, but ever grateful!

1   What is the best beauty/fashion tip that someone gave you?
My favorite eyeshadow is a cream eyeshadow by Benefit. The color is Birthday Suit. It is crease-less and flattering. Thanks to Jane Ellis Griggs for that tip. 
My favorite shampoo is by Jhirmack. Silver Plus (for Gray, Blonde, Bleached, or Highlighted Hair).
Did you know that gray hair can actually tarnish? It can turn yellow. This shampoo is purple and it counteracts the yellowing and makes gray hair shiny…you know, like silver. Oh, and by the way, in Alaska my silver hair is called Arctic Blonde. I can live with that!
My favorite bronzer is Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder. It is a powder bronzer. Here are my bronzer tricks: Use a Kabuki brush rather than the one that it comes with. Brush it down the center of your nose, across the tops of your cheeks and up to your temples, across your forehead close to your hair line, and around your jawline. Then take a small section of paper towel, wet it with cold water, wring it out and then press it to your face where you have applied the bronzer. This sets it and it keeps it from rubbing off or looking powdery. I top this with cream blush on the apples of my cheeks. 
For my eyes I like to use a soft pencil eyeliner. For the top lid, I draw a line close to the lashes, then pull the eyelid up so I can also apply it to the underside of the top lashes. I then smudge the line on top of the lid. For the bottom lid, I only make the line from the outer corner to the center of my eye. Smudge that, too. By applying it to the underside of the top lid it makes your eyes look bigger.
What would you like to go back and tell your “younger self”?
You are going to LOVE being in your 50’s! You will settle into yourself, see what really matters and counts and more importantly, what doesn’t!
You will be blessed with a child that will at times make you absolutely crazy, but someday she will grow up, become a good friend, and give you grand babies which makes IT ALL WORTH IT!
Someday you will want to write a book entitled This Is Not The Way I Thought It Was Going To Be, and everyone you talk to will volunteer to write a chapter for you. Life is an unpredictable journey full of twists and turns, highs and lows, but it is filtered through the loving hands of your Heavenly Father who intends it all for your good and His glory. You can trust Him and you can trust that!
Make friends with older women who can mentor you and show you the way to navigate your life and make friends with younger women that you can encourage along in their journey. 
See the great value in everyone. All are made in the image of God and all have a story. Be brave, get outside yourself and go on mission trips.

What advice would you give a young bride?
Marry someone who makes you laugh! Marry someone who cherishes you. Marry someone who is a great encourager.
 Keep Christ at the center of your marriage and commit to divorce not being an option.
 Put on your big girl panties and deal with your stuff. 
Cultivate hobbies and interests you have in common. 
Working through the really hard and yucky times makes the relationship that much sweeter on the other side.
Watch your mouth! Don’t say things in anger that you will regret later. Words can’t be taken back.
Say and do the kind thing! ALWAYS!
Is there anything else that you would like to share? 
Yes, in the end it is all going to work out and be OK. 
Your friend,

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