A Proverbs 31 Christmas

An excellent holiday woman who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels.
The heart of her family counts on her;
they will lack nothing from their wish lists.
She does them fancy, and not plain…
all the days of the season.
She seeks stylish matching Christmas outfits
and never pays full retail.
She is like Amazon.com;
finding the right gifts from around the world.
She rises early to wrap the teacher treats;
the Pinterest ones, baked with a smile.
She delivers the sweets, but doesn’t eat;
her toned body a testimony of her discipline.
Her light burns late into the night;
stamping and addressing cards right on time.
She opens her door to host the parties;
serving the perfect menu with grace.
When the snow comes, every boot fits
and the gloves all have mates;
her family is warm for the season.
She knits her own winter wraps 
and makes her own fruitcake.
The countdown to Christmas makes her giggle with joy;
arranging beautifully-wrapped gifts under the tree.
She cheerfully invites her children to join in decorating; 
calmly using the dropped ornament as an object-lesson on grace.
Her children rise up… when they are told,
and call her blessed;
her husband sweeps her off her feet.
Let her works praise her at the mall, in the neighborhood, at church, and in the PTA.


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I’m not a “Proverbs 31 Holiday Woman”. Are you?

In this woman’s shadow, I feel weak, inept, and overwhelmed. She leaves me crying out for help.

Isn’t that exactly how we are supposed to feel when faced with perfection?

And isn’t that the point of the law? The law was designed to point us to our weakness and leave us crying out for rescue. Those tablets that God handed to Moses were supposed to be too heavy; never meant to have the last word.

I read this list (with the one in the Bible) and the only appropriate response is to stoop low and surrender. It’s when I read and think for a second that I can become her on my own… then I’m in real danger.

Yes, this season is crazy busy. Yes, we must simplify and resist buying into the rat race…

But no matter how often I preach that to myself, the list remains too long. The pressure is still paralyzing. The demands are still overwhelming.

Maybe that’s a good thing…

God uses the craziness of this season to prepare me to meet Jesus; humbling me so that a mother can be willing to bend her knee before a baby in a manger; so that a wife can know selfless and unconditional love, so that an unworthy daughter can accept forgiveness and hope.

Just maybe, He’s allowing it to be piled on so that we will finally come to the end of ourselves; so that we’ll have nothing to offer but empty hands; ready to receive Grace wrapped in swaddling cloths.

So go ahead, embrace the season, jump into the holly-ring of fire.. and fall short. Get burned. Stumble down the lists that remind you of your need for a Rescuer. 

It just might be the best Christmas preparation ever.

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“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life 
in Christ Jesus our Lord”
Romans 6:23

15 thoughts on “A Proverbs 31 Christmas

  1. terrymorgan11 November 14, 2014 / 5:01 pm

    Hi! Just stopping by from the Missional Women site. Great perspective in the post! Thanks for the great reminder! Keep writing from your heart!


  2. Meredith Bernard November 14, 2014 / 5:39 pm

    I absolutely love the thought that just maybe all the crazy that comes with this time of year is in essence God’s way of bringing me to the end of myself (because that’s definitely where it usually leaves me). This is the best reminder that it’s all about Him and none about me. Love this, Karen! You always put it perfect. xoxo


  3. Nicki Schroeder November 15, 2014 / 4:18 am

    Such a wonderful and creative reminder to keep Jesus at the forefront of our minds and hearts as we begin to prepare for the Christmas season.


  4. Karen Brown November 15, 2014 / 11:59 am

    Terry, thank you for reading, and have a great Christmas!


  5. Karen Brown November 15, 2014 / 12:00 pm

    Meredith- I so appreciate your feedback and your encouraging words. God is using it all to ready us and to reveal that He is our God. And Christmas is the perfect time! Thank you!


  6. 40yearwanderer.com November 15, 2014 / 2:24 pm

    It's always about coming to the end of ourselves, isn't it? What a lovely seeing that is! You're my neighbor over at the weekend.. So glad I stopped by! I actually wrote about Christmas too!


  7. Julie Lefebure November 15, 2014 / 2:53 pm

    Thank you for this Karen. I will never be the Proverbs 31 Holiday Woman. Thank you for reminding me I don't have to be! Looking forward to more stillness this year. Much love, friend.


  8. Simply Beth November 15, 2014 / 6:03 pm

    Oh, I am totally all for that last sentence. Loved this entire post. I was just telling hubby this morning that I'm ready to embrace this season!! Much love to you, Karen. xoxo


  9. passagethroughgrace November 16, 2014 / 12:14 am

    Beautiful Karen! Stepping away from ourselves and embracing God will allow us to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Less of us and more of Him in all we do and less when it comes to the hustle and bustle and more of letting Jesus enter in to all our preparations. Blessed you joined in at The Weekend Brew!


  10. Ginger Harrington November 16, 2014 / 2:35 am

    Hi Linky neighbor from The Weekend Brew. How fun to be next to you today. I love your Proverbs 31 Christmas. Very clever!


  11. blestbutstrest November 17, 2014 / 3:28 am

    Definitely not a Proverbs 31 Christmas woman! I'm definitely in need of a Rescuer! Thanks for the giggle and the thoughts :).


  12. BARBIE November 19, 2014 / 6:18 am

    I am far from the Proverbs 31 Woman and thankful for God's grace when I fall short. Thank for linking up with The Weekend Brew!


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