Your Favorite 5 Posts of 2016


I didn’t write very much this year, but for whatever reason, these were your favorites. It’s fun to look back.

1. Girls’ Night Out: Our Favorite Thingsgno_2016_square

For the past three years, we’ve taken all of October for a very special Girls’ Night Out! This year was a fun month of favorite things, wasn’t it?

Did you see how women – who seemingly have very little in common – moved toward each other over a shared affinity for John Denver? Or how others bonded over how they both prefer their popcorn cooked in ghee? Did you notice when very different women opened new lines of communication over knitting and restaurants?

I noticed. And I prayed that it would be the start of something new.

When we don’t take time to get to know one another, our differences are glaring. They divide and make us lonely. When we only know each other by our political affiliations or zip codes, we don’t really know anyone, do we?

Pray with me that GNO would be our kick-start toward unity – toward focusing on what we have in common. Toward working harder to gather each other in.

May GNO be less of an event, but more of a way of life.

As one month ends, another month always begins. Here’s to the beginning of Girls “Life” Out …  continue reading

2. Living Liturgy


A few weeks ago, my oldest son was playing guitar in our basement. The music was loud and he didn’t see me coming, so I stood and listened for a while. It was a piece I’ve never heard him play, but I instantly recognized his soulful heart behind it…. continue reading

3. Half Mastphoto-1444850321296-e568c6a10d26

One of my favorite parts of my morning walk is when I pass by our local library just before it opens. If my timing’s right, two staffers come outside just as I pass and I get to watch their reverent ritual of hoisting our flag for another day. It’s cool to watch, and I’m enough of a geek for it to put a little spring in my step.

Last week, I was a little behind schedule, but I rounded the library corner just in time to see one staffer putting his hands on the rope while the other had the flag’s corners in her hands. The first thing I noticed was their quiet. Since the sidewalk runs near the gravel circle around their flagpole, part  of my enjoyment is in hearing snippets of their conversations… sometimes about books, sometimes about the weather, sometimes they are laughing about something I wish I knew… continue reading

4.  In The Morning: An Album ReviewScreen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.10.29 PM

Have you ever come across a musician that makes you think differently, feel deeply, and want more of both? For me, Sherdonna Denholm is one of those.

Her bio is impressive: Originally a classically trained clarinetist, Sherdonna has a wide variety of musical influences. As a self produced Singer Songwriter she creates a soulful and honest sound by integrating thought provoking lyrics with beautiful melodies and textures. Her music has been featured on the #1 Women of Substance Podcast and Women of Conscience Radio program. 

However, Sherdonna’s work reveals a soul that isn’t trying to impress anyone… continue reading

5. Surviving High School With Your Introverted Childphoto-1417577792096-106a2c4e353d

Personally, I loved high school, and happy memories washed over me that day. The energy of games, clubs, and social activities fueled me through my academics, and I thrived in it all. But now, as a parent, I’m seeing things through my daughter’s eyes…. continue reading

I’m grateful for this space to gather some words and friends. Thanks so much for reading! Happy New Year!


star photo credit: Drew Coffman

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