Who Told You?

chloe-ridgway-170406“Who told you that you were behind?”

I was in the middle of a pity-party and had invited my friend into my rant: “How am I supposed to get all of this done? Where is the help when I need it? When do I get to think/rest/be?”

She set down some flowers and listened to my list of should be’s and just cant’s, but soon it was obvious she was mainly there to serve the punch…

“Who told you that you were behind?” She asked again. And it hit me right in the gut.

I couldn’t answer because I was thinking. Her question stopped me in my tracks and turned me away from myself.

Over a salad and lemon water, we had a good talk. I came to grips with some hard truths about where I was spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

There was bad news. I honestly needed to catch up in some areas, but I wasn’t behind as much as it seemed. I need to think more about exactly what God is calling me to do and what He wants me leave for later or for others. The good news was there and she helped me find it.

Though my friend’s question caught me off guard, it was a familiar one. I had heard it somewhere before….

Immediately after The Fall, God pursued Adam and Eve in their hiding place and asked:

Who told you that you were naked?

Basically, God was inviting His people to respond to Him again, instead of to the Liar who had their attention. Once they turned back to God, they were able to hear the bad news for what it really was, and then receive the best news of all.

It was true. They were naked just like the serpent said. God hadn’t given Adam and Eve a stitch of clothing, but had always been covered. Until they doubted God’s word and character…

Like God, my friend desperately wanted to bring me out of my hiding place – free to receive truth and love.


Ironically, in January of this year, I chose ASK as my “one word” for 2017.  I’m trying to develop a habit of asking more questions, of listening more, and of pursuing relationship and truth through those habits.

I thought this year of asking would make me more like God, but it’s clear I’m posing the questions of a selfish sinner.

How am I supposed to,,,?   Where is the help…?  When do I get to …?

It’s even more obvious that I should be asking for a new heart…

“But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.”   Matthew 15:18

God offered Adam and Eve grace punctuated by a question mark. He offered me grace personified by a good friend who knows the way of the Lord.

A good friend who reminded me that God has questions for me, too.

Who told you that you were right/wrong?

Who told you that you were responsible for this/that/everything?

Who told you that you deserve less/more? 


May I ask you, friend? Who told you what you are believing today? Social media? The enemy? Your pride?

In this time of already but not yet, God is on the throne but the enemy is still playing the game. Don’t be fooled. You can’t become like God just by knowing the right answers.

And I can’t be transformed by changing my behavior.

Transformation comes from His pursuit, His asking, and His Grace Alone.

And about that snake…

What if we recognized him for the loser that he is and turned God’s question on him? What if we stood with Jesus, faced our accuser brave, and asked: And who told you that you’ve won?

Answer me that, snake.

Never mind. I’m not waiting for your response. I’ve got my own answering to do. Get behind…

flower pic: Chloe Ridgway

apple pic: Thomas Kelley



2 thoughts on “Who Told You?

  1. Christan Perona August 8, 2017 / 5:48 am

    I love this, Karen. We’re drowning in so many lies on a daily basis that we often start speaking them to ourselves. Thank you for the reminder to cling to truth and cling to Jesus. We all need to hear this.


  2. Michele Morin August 15, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    This is a great time to re-visit those words chosen at the beginning of 2017, and the truth that you’ve discovered is splashing all over me today.


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