Friendship on Purpose: A Letter to My Daughters

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Dear Daughters,

As you get ready to enter new schools in the fall, it’s normal for you to be anxious for things to go well.

We’ve thoughtfully planned your core classes, electives, and extra curricular activities.

We made a list of supplies and will scour the stores for just the right binders, backpacks, and notebooks.

We’ve budgeted and will shop carefully for outfits that are practical, appropriate, and expressive.

You are pretty much ready, except for one thing.

We haven’t done anything to prepare you to sift though a big, new group of people in the hope of making godly friends. Often, the friendships that you have in middle school and high school can influence you so much more than your classes, supplies, and clothes. Therefore, I’d like to offer some advice and encouragement, to be just as intentional about getting ready for this part of your new school year. You can begin now to prepare to make friendships. You can do this…on purpose. Continue reading


The Knowing

Click click click.
My high heels skittered across the classroom floor while I worked to finished the last of my bulletin boards. I took a deep breath, puffing myself up, and admired my work. School would start any minute and I was ready.
The art supplies were arranged and labeled in cute, colorful containers. The reading area was cozy and inviting. My lesson plans were complete and my teaching certificate hung on the wall.
Then my students arrived. Before the end of the first week, they left the markers uncapped and abused our class library. One child pulled and ripped the bulletin board border and another wrote a bad word on the cubbies. I clicked up and down the aisles, dragging those second graders through my lesson plans, but no one was learning. After a couple of weeks, the sight of my certificate made me cringe.

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An Offering in Cursive: A True Story

He’s a student I’ll always remember. It’s a story I’ll never forget.
It began on the first day of school, after the unpacking of markers, glue sticks, and tissue boxes, and after I had asked my students to write me a letter about themselves.
I stood in the back of the classroom watching them work, wondering what kind of year was ahead of me. It’s so hard to tell on the first day…

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A Non-Resignation Letter to Our Kids

To My Awesome Kids,

All four of you are in different stages of your education. Since I (Mom) feel a little panicky as I watch you grow up so quickly, I want to press pause for a moment to write you this letter.

Naturally, as a homeschooling family, parent and teacher roles have been been blurred for you. This was a good thing at home. I never wanted you feel like I had a dual personality (leave snide comments aside for now, teenagers), so “School-in-Session Mom” wasn’t too different from “Weekend Mom”.

This worked well for us. However, clearly defining the roles of parent and teacher might be beneficial now that you are getting older and entering into traditional schools. Even when my role as your school teacher ends, I’d like to make it clear that Dad and I are not resigning as your lead teachers in the following areas:

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