Sunday School Lessons I Wish I Never Taught

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As a Sunday school coordinator, and as our session is ending, I’ve been thinking a lot about what our students have learned this year.

We studied parables, Old Testament prophecies, the significance of the Passover, and The Great Commission. I expected them to learn these things, and I’m glad they did. But as I observed, taught, and listened, I realize they also learned some lessons that we didn’t plan, lessons that might end up hurting them – and the church – in the end… Continue reading


We Need To Call A Parent-Teacher Conference

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Dear Schools,

Our dinner conversation is mostly about my kids’ school day, but it’s rare that they can report much about what they are learning in their core subjects. However, they have many words about the school-wide diet/exercise program, or about the video they watched on how to be safe in the kitchen, or about the activities that they did to learn their personality type.

And it occurred to me, no wonder we spend our evening doing your job… you spend your day doing mine. Continue reading

Twenty Years

As of last month, it’s been twenty years since my first-born was placed into my arms. It seems like yesterday, and so long ago at the same time.

I look at his tiny body in the picture and can’t believe that he is now a man: strong, talented, intelligent, sensitive, and godly.

And I look into the face of the young version of myself and remember. She is clueless about being a mother, but Continue reading

A Non-Resignation Letter to Our Kids

To My Awesome Kids,

All four of you are in different stages of your education. Since I (Mom) feel a little panicky as I watch you grow up so quickly, I want to press pause for a moment to write you this letter.

Naturally, as a homeschooling family, parent and teacher roles have been been blurred for you. This was a good thing at home. I never wanted you feel like I had a dual personality (leave snide comments aside for now, teenagers), so “School-in-Session Mom” wasn’t too different from “Weekend Mom”.

This worked well for us. However, clearly defining the roles of parent and teacher might be beneficial now that you are getting older and entering into traditional schools. Even when my role as your school teacher ends, I’d like to make it clear that Dad and I are not resigning as your lead teachers in the following areas:

Continue reading