GNO: Stephanie Nelson’s Favorite Things


Stephanie has finally embraced her inner Wizard of Oz and returned to Kansas in 2016 after almost 20 years of being apart. She is serving as the Pastor of Family Ministries at Alert Covenant Church, where she gets to teach kids of all ages, and they even let her stand behind a pulpit sometimes. Her greatest vices are Kate Spade bags, dark roast coffee, and nail polish. Continue reading


GNO: Melanie Braun’s Favorite Things


My name is Melanie Braun. I’m married to Marc and I’m the mom of 3 really fun guys named Nicolaus, Noah and Gabriel. I’m from Farmington MO but I’ve lived in St Louis since 1999. I’m one of those Jill’s-of-all-trades, but mistress of none kind of gals. I can fix my own flat, ride a motorcycle, or pull and back a trailer(Farmington, remember?) – but you’ll just as likely find me whipping up dinner or sewing a skirt. My degree is in theater but I haven’t been in a play or musical for ages. Maybe some day when the kids are older…  

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GNO: Susan Maynor’s Favorite Things


I am the mother of two tender young warriors (middle school and high school), wife to a scientist (high-school/college chemistry teacher), and a child of the gracious, living God. I love to produce visual stories, develop new ideas to transform the learning experience, and inspire creativity to make the world more beautiful. Continue reading

GNO: Julie Schloss’ Favorite Things


I am the wife of my best friend, mom of 4 school age kiddos, and driver of a messy minivan; I am a Jesus seeker, a reader, a runner, a spectator, and a friend.  I am the owner of a restless heart.  I love to travel and hang out at campfires. I drink a lot of coffee and love a good glass of wine.

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GNO: Mary Elizabeth Blythe’s Favorite Things

Noelle Fishing

I am married to Jeremy and mother to our four beautiful children. Life has been the backdrop upon which God has shown me Himself and myself. It’s been a rocky ride, but a sweet one. 

I fear that I am out of deep pithy things to write about, but, as always, I’ll be honest and true to what’s on my mind. That’s your cue to exit if need be.  😉

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GNO: April Johnson’s Favorite Things


I’m a Michigander by birth, and am still one at heart and in my pronunciation of certain vowel sounds, but for the past few years St. Louis has become a home for me thanks to some wonderful people, many of which I’ve met through my church/workplace, Central Presbyterian. That almost makes up for the humidity and lack of lakefront acreage. Almost.

I spend quite a bit of time laughing at my own jokes, being jealous of people with dogs, and wanting to hug my mom. If you ever want to talk about books, the brain, or an interesting podcast you listened to recently, I’m your girl. Continue reading

GNO: Susan Peck’s Favorite Things

img_2070My name is Susan Peck; I live in Maplewood, MO with my husband Mark, our 4 kids Avery (17), Jordan (16), Jeremy (14), and Samantha (11), and our 5-month-old Border Collie/Black Lab puppy, Loki.  I’ve homeschooled our kids on a series of one-year contracts since Avery was little, but as they grow older, I can see my role shift from teaching to overseeing and managing their education. Our family attends Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship in Maplewood where Mark is a Ruling Elder. I enjoy singing, reading, the Cardinals, Netflix, and of course chocolate.

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