When Your Daughter Wants to Be a Cheerleader

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“Cheerleading? Really?”

My husband and I glanced at each other in disbelief. We never thought that two sports-watching, hockey-fanatic, referee-hollering, jocks would produce an offspring who would make this announcement:

“I want to be a cheerleader!”  Continue reading



It’s called Five Minute Friday. Each week, we write for five minutes, freely, on a one-word prompt. We write quickly, then post, a flash-mob linking together at Kate Motaung’s site
It’s fun!
This week’s prompt: WAIT
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We sit in waiting rooms and wait in line. We wait for our plane, our elevator, and our turn. And it all seems so passive, so idle, so … boring.  Continue reading

Steady and Wild

It takes time for your brain to realize that you’ve eaten. It’s in this time that I start this new year. I’m hobbled, dirty, and exhausted from previous years, but I’ve eaten the manna. He had to prepare it, place it, and make me stoop, but I’m no longer hungry. I’m digesting. What now? Actually, I’ve read somewhere that our best digestion happens when we rest. I’m resting. He’s with me.

I’m not mad about the hobbling. I’m sore, but it’s a “good sore” if you know what I mean.

Have you eaten?

I wrote those words during the sunrise of 2014 in my very first blog post “Sore from the Hobbling”. Continue reading