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Every morning it comes streaming in with the sun.

The list of tasks, the demands, the deadlines, the expectations.

My enemy pumps it in. Filling up my space, invading my mind, pushing on my soul, taking away my breath.

The pressure.

I try to manage it with lists, strategies, and skills.

When those don’t work, I deny, pretend, and hide.

But it mounts with every hour. Building, spreading, strangling.

I’m stretched, stiff, and heavy from it’s force.

So much so, that the cries of a child can knock me off balance.

An insensitive email can run me off course.

One sharp word from a loved one can push me over the edge.

It’s pressure within and more than I can bear. Unable to move, unable to breathe.

Only then do I seek Him, so foolish to wait.

But only then am I ready for Him to do the work that needs to be done.

A puncture of my pride, and the stress escapes. A circumcision of my heart, and the poison bleeds out.

Releasing the clutter, making room for the peace.

Releasing my stretched and extended self, making it possible for me to stoop low.

Releasing the lies, so that the truth can be heard.

Releasing the pressure, so that His Spirit wind can blow freely.

I’m linking up at Five Minute Friday . 
Writers are given a one-word prompt. We write for five minutes, freely, then post. Such a fun, challenging exercise. Click the link to read other FMF writers.

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