Dear Friend, -by Becky Hall

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Dear friend,

I’ve had some time lately to think back over our friendship. I even pulled out some of your letters to read over. We have known each other for so long, maybe more than 50 years. So many good memories!

I remember when we first met. We had a tea party at my little folding table. I was so excited to have a new friend. I remember telling my mother about you, as though I had just met someone she didn’t know.

Remember all the times we would sit up on my lofted bed reading? We could talk for hours about anything. When it came to life skills, you were always light years ahead of me, but somehow that didn’t matter. You were so patient, bringing things down to my level of understanding and giving me time to think things through. I guess my strengths were reading and writing.

I remember all the drives back to St. Louis from Mizzou, windows rolled down, trying to out-sing Sandi Patti and Amy Grant. So glad we were the only ones listening! Do you remember that talk we had with Heidi when she offered to drive us home? I wonder if she ever became a Christian.

You know how sometimes you sit in church and feel invisible. I never felt that way with you. Even if I needed space to process, you would just kind of sit there, waiting, like Job’s friends, only without the snarky comments. Thank you for that!

When marriage and babies happened, our conversations turned to which kid was sick and which one was so. in. your. face. stubborn! Ha! Remember to never pray for patience, right? It was like living in a rock tumbler sometimes. Somehow dumping on you was never gossip, no matter how ugly it got, and you knew when to listen and when to tell me to just shut up.

Then I got sick. You sat with me through the dark, fearful nights. You’d pull up the covers and pray over me. Strong prayers. And peace would come.

Well, the adventure never ends, right? I’m well and busy as ever. It’s been a blessing, actually, to be stuck at home for a while. I would never wish this crisis on anyone, but it’s been a great time to catch up with friends. I hope I can do better at staying in touch. I can’t wait ‘til we can actually see each other!

I love you, Jesus!

Your friend,


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Becky Hall has lived most of her life in St. Louis, and rarely longs to be anywhere else. Married for 30 years and mother of four, homemaking is her favorite pastime. She has also homeschooled for 25 years and now uses that experience in her job at Central Presbyterian Church, Elementary Education Coordinator.



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Girl’s Night: Letters

Dear friends,

Welcome to our fourth Girl’s Night Out! Can you believe it?

It’s true. Four times now, we’ve gathered here to ask each other questionshear each other’s stories, share favorite things, and celebrate this great community of women. It’s been fun!

This time, during this weird homebound season, we’re writing letters.

Some might write a letter to a real or fictional person, others to an inanimate object, and still others to their former self or a season of life. They’ll be short, encouraging, and fun!

AND of course we’ve saved a seat just for you! Whether you’re the sharing type, a sideline encourager, or a quiet observer… this month is about YOU. It’s about being women who just want to belong and feel like they don’t have to do life alone, even when we can’t get together in person.

So all this month, after long days at home, watch for Girl’s Night: Letters. I’m praying that God uses each and every letter to bless and encourage women of all ages and stages for many months to come.

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Here’s the lineup so far! As the month goes on, each of these names will be linked to her letter here: (links go live at 7pm on the date listed)

What a fun group, right?

Until next time…

Your friend,