GNO: Rebekah Coste’s Favorite Things


“Hi! I’m Rebekah Coste, formerly Sasse. I married my best friend Jean-Christophe, who has the kindest heart and some mean cooking skills, in May 2016. We currently live in Paris, France and I work as an English teacher. I enjoy keeping up with the violin, trying new recipes, exploring the city, improving my French, and being involved in community here. Thanks for reading!” Continue reading

GNO: Lisa Roth’s Favorite Things


Lisa is best friend and wife to Andy. They have 4 great kids. She works at Central Christian School as the Director of Development. In her free time, she tries hard to listen to God, stays up too late watching great shows with Andy, and enjoys cooking, crafting and camping with their crew.

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GNO: Stephanie Nelson’s Favorite Things


Stephanie has finally embraced her inner Wizard of Oz and returned to Kansas in 2016 after almost 20 years of being apart. She is serving as the Pastor of Family Ministries at Alert Covenant Church, where she gets to teach kids of all ages, and they even let her stand behind a pulpit sometimes. Her greatest vices are Kate Spade bags, dark roast coffee, and nail polish. Continue reading

GNO: Marilyn Nixon’s Favorite Things

I’m a child of God who has been married to Thurman Nixon for 36 years (has it been that long?!) and three wonderful (varies from day to day but most of the time they are wonderful) children.  God has been very good to me in all aspects and I want to please him in every way possible.

It’d be great to shed this humanness that I live with so that my pleasing him would be better (and I think easier!)🙂.  My job at Central Presbyterian Church and the people I get to work with each day is a blessing beyond measure. 

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GNO: Melanie Braun’s Favorite Things


My name is Melanie Braun. I’m married to Marc and I’m the mom of 3 really fun guys named Nicolaus, Noah and Gabriel. I’m from Farmington MO but I’ve lived in St Louis since 1999. I’m one of those Jill’s-of-all-trades, but mistress of none kind of gals. I can fix my own flat, ride a motorcycle, or pull and back a trailer(Farmington, remember?) – but you’ll just as likely find me whipping up dinner or sewing a skirt. My degree is in theater but I haven’t been in a play or musical for ages. Maybe some day when the kids are older…  

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GNO: Christine Vandervoort’s Favorite Things

8i2a7973_tightI have been married to James for 27 years.  We have five children: Heather (20), Holly (17), Caroline (16), Jay (14), and Sophia (9).  It is a very busy household, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  As well as being a wife and mom, I am the Director of Early Childhood and PEEPs at Central Presbyterian Church

During the rare moments that I have free time, I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, baking (not cooking), and trying new things (as long as it doesn’t include small spaces or heights).  This summer I started taking piano lessons.  I love trying new restaurants, as well.

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GNO: Susan Maynor’s Favorite Things


I am the mother of two tender young warriors (middle school and high school), wife to a scientist (high-school/college chemistry teacher), and a child of the gracious, living God. I love to produce visual stories, develop new ideas to transform the learning experience, and inspire creativity to make the world more beautiful. Continue reading