Girl’s Night: Letters

Dear friends,

Welcome to our fourth Girl’s Night Out! Can you believe it?

It’s true. Four times now, we’ve gathered here to ask each other questionshear each other’s stories, share favorite things, and celebrate this great community of women. It’s been fun!

This time, during this weird homebound season, we’re writing letters.

Some might write a letter to a real or fictional person, others to an inanimate object, and still others to their former self or a season of life. They’ll be short, encouraging, and fun!

AND of course we’ve saved a seat just for you! Whether you’re the sharing type, a sideline encourager, or a quiet observer… this month is about YOU. It’s about being women who just want to belong and feel like they don’t have to do life alone, even when we can’t get together in person.

So all this month, after long days at home, watch for Girl’s Night: Letters. I’m praying that God uses each and every letter to bless and encourage women of all ages and stages for many months to come.

To make sure you don’t miss a single one, you can sign up (at the top of the sidebar) to receive each post in your inbox.

Here’s the lineup so far! As the month goes on, each of these names will be linked to her letter here: (links go live at 7pm on the date listed)

What a fun group, right?

Until next time…

Your friend,

3 thoughts on “Girl’s Night: Letters

  1. Rosemary Oliver April 1, 2020 / 11:07 am

    Karen,  I forgot to send a “bio” to go with my article (which remember you can edit!!!)Could you put something like  Rosemary Oliver loves Jesus, The Bible, Central, Jail Ministry, Missions and especially her 3 Wonderful Grandchildren Please let me know you get this – as i’m not sure which e-mail address to use for itBless youxoxoxoxoxo


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