Who Told You?

chloe-ridgway-170406“Who told you that you were behind?”

I was in the middle of a pity-party and had invited my friend into my rant: “How am I supposed to get all of this done? Where is the help when I need it? When do I get to think/rest/be?”

She set down some flowers and listened to my list of should be’s and just cant’s, but soon it was obvious she was mainly there to serve the punch…

“Who told you that you were behind?” She asked again. And it hit me right in the gut. Continue reading


GNO: Linda Tackes’ Favorite Things


I wear so many hats!  I am a wife to John for 23+ years. We met  25 years ago in the law school library at UMKC where we both went to school.  We have 3 great kids: Joseph, Julia and Jacob.  With two in college now, life is changing!  I work as a pediatricians, am a political news junkie and love to try new coffee shops.  I met Karen Brown years ago at Central Presbyterian ChurchCentral Presbyterian Church and we got to know each other better thru a Hidden Heart Ministry class.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, gardening, traveling  and spending time with my family and friends.  

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GNO: Rosemary Oliver’s Favorite Things

photo-2 (2)

Rosemary Oliver, plus Kate, Henry, and Lilly Oliver are enjoying the fun red Wrangler on this beautiful day that’s a gift from God. Rosemary loves to spend time with her grandchildren, plus their mom and dad. Especially doing school, sports, and church activities together. The other loves of her life are jail ministry, working with the women in an arts, and crafts class and sharing a Bible study.
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GNO: Ruth Stith’s Favorite Things


I’ve been married to my best friend for 14 years, and we feel so fortunate to have a 8 year old daughter and 5 year-old twin boys. I love to make music and teach and exercise, avoid cooking at all costs, and dream about having the time to read. I strive to fully believe the words of Paul: “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Continue reading

GNO: Amalia LaViolette’s Favorite Things

Amalia LaViolette is a singer and small business owner. She books gigs for her many groups: Caroling St. Louis, Connie & Amalia, The Jeweltones, and Terminally Hip. She is also a Weight Watchers leader and the mom of 2 children and a greyhound, and the wife of Richard.

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GNO: Lynn D. Morrissey’s Favorite Things


Lynn D. Morrissey is author of Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer and other books, contributor to numerous bestsellers, and is a professional journal facilitator (CJF) for her ministry Sacred Journaling, speaker, and soloist. She’s passionate about encouraging transparency in women through reflective journaling.

Lynn lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband Michael and grown daughter Sheridan. You can contact Lynn via email or on her Facebook Page.   Continue reading

GNO: Elizabeth Anderson’s Favorite Things

11255403_10204161661189127_8663793590824035785_o (1)My name is Elizabeth Anderson. I am the proud mother of two incredible sons, Tom and Sam, and we have a lovely Labradoodle named Regan. We live in Brentwood, and have some of the most amazing friends. I love reading, hiking, and being in wide-open spaces and wilderness areas.

I earned two degrees in natural resources management and fire ecology. I spent 15 years fighting fires and lighting prescribed burns for the US Forest Service and National Park Service. I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of Wildland Fire Associates, a company I helped found in 2001.

Recently, I pressed “Publish” for the first time on my brand new blog, “Out of the Desert“. Hope to see you there! 

When I started to think about my favorite things, I realized that they have three things in common. The first is that I love to travel to beautiful places, and these places have become the spaces that I mentally return to when I need to relax and breathe. The second thing that they have in common is that some of my favorite people were often present with me. And as you will see, military history appears to be an unexpected third common thread… Continue reading