GNO: Debbie Doriani’s Favorite Things


I am Debbie Doriani, wife of Dan Doriani for 40 years and mother to 3 grown daughters.  Since I am married to my favorite speaker who gives my favorite sermons, I will not choose that topic.  By God’s gracious blessing, the favorite speaker has been able to take me on fabulous travels around the world to accompany him on his speaking trips, so that topic is out as well. Here are my favorites, although you should know there are way too many to enumerate and they overlap considerably. Continue reading

GNO: Linda Gurney’s Favorite Things


I’m a freelance musician (piano, clarinet).  I have been widowed ten years, have three grown children (two are married) and am a new grandmother of 3-month-old Adelaide!  I love old movies, playing tennis and pickleball, and have survived breast cancer for two years.  I love the women of Central Presbyterian Church and am honored to participate in Karen Brown’s “Girls’ Night Out”!

This is a wonderful topic, to write about things that we love. That is to say, some of God’s sweetest gifts in our lives! Continue reading

In the Morning: An Album Review

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.10.29 PM

Have you ever come across a musician that makes you think differently, feel deeply, and want more of both? For me, Sherdonna Denholm is one of those.

Her bio is impressive: Originally a classically trained clarinetist, Sherdonna has a wide variety of musical influences. As a self produced Singer Songwriter she creates a soulful and honest sound by integrating thought provoking lyrics with beautiful melodies and textures. Her music has been featured on the #1 Women of Substance Podcast and Women of Conscience Radio program. 

However, Sherdonna’s work reveals a soul that isn’t trying to impress anyone. Continue reading