GNO: Debbie Doriani’s Favorite Things


I am Debbie Doriani, wife of Dan Doriani for 40 years and mother to 3 grown daughters.  Since I am married to my favorite speaker who gives my favorite sermons, I will not choose that topic.  By God’s gracious blessing, the favorite speaker has been able to take me on fabulous travels around the world to accompany him on his speaking trips, so that topic is out as well. Here are my favorites, although you should know there are way too many to enumerate and they overlap considerably. Continue reading

GNO: Susan Peck’s Favorite Things

img_2070My name is Susan Peck; I live in Maplewood, MO with my husband Mark, our 4 kids Avery (17), Jordan (16), Jeremy (14), and Samantha (11), and our 5-month-old Border Collie/Black Lab puppy, Loki.  I’ve homeschooled our kids on a series of one-year contracts since Avery was little, but as they grow older, I can see my role shift from teaching to overseeing and managing their education. Our family attends Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship in Maplewood where Mark is a Ruling Elder. I enjoy singing, reading, the Cardinals, Netflix, and of course chocolate.

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