GNO: Susan Peck’s Favorite Things

img_2070My name is Susan Peck; I live in Maplewood, MO with my husband Mark, our 4 kids Avery (17), Jordan (16), Jeremy (14), and Samantha (11), and our 5-month-old Border Collie/Black Lab puppy, Loki.  I’ve homeschooled our kids on a series of one-year contracts since Avery was little, but as they grow older, I can see my role shift from teaching to overseeing and managing their education. Our family attends Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship in Maplewood where Mark is a Ruling Elder. I enjoy singing, reading, the Cardinals, Netflix, and of course chocolate.

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A Non-Resignation Letter to Our Kids

To My Awesome Kids,

All four of you are in different stages of your education. Since I (Mom) feel a little panicky as I watch you grow up so quickly, I want to press pause for a moment to write you this letter.

Naturally, as a homeschooling family, parent and teacher roles have been been blurred for you. This was a good thing at home. I never wanted you feel like I had a dual personality (leave snide comments aside for now, teenagers), so “School-in-Session Mom” wasn’t too different from “Weekend Mom”.

This worked well for us. However, clearly defining the roles of parent and teacher might be beneficial now that you are getting older and entering into traditional schools. Even when my role as your school teacher ends, I’d like to make it clear that Dad and I are not resigning as your lead teachers in the following areas:

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