When You’re Wondering if Your Personality is an Effect of the Fall



An online quiz promised to tell me what kind of cookie matches my personality. I was hoping for chocolate chip, but I got oatmeal raisin. The shame. Maybe I’ll do better with my spirit animal …

We’re obsessed. Chances are, if you’re like me, you know your Myers Briggs letters, or your Disney princess, or maybe even what Hogwart’s school fits you best. I’m Gryffindor.

Of course it’s harmless and fun, but with all this talk, I’m finding myself ranking my personality high or low, evaluating, comparing, wishing…. Continue reading

Survival Mode

ca. 2001 --- Girl Floating on Inner tube --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Once, when I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and in the midst of a family crisis, a good friend took one look at me and gave me some very welcome advice:

You are dealing with a lot. Step back and take a break. Allow yourself to be in survival mode for a while.”

She gestured to my work piled on the table, some cleaning supplies waiting on the counter, our jammed calendar on the fridge, and the cookbooks scattered on the couch.

Her words were like a lifesaver for my spirit. They gave me permission to put aside anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary, and allowed this sinking girl a chance to catch her breath and float. Continue reading

Three Clocks


On a shelf in my soul sits a wooden hourglass,
Where sands no longer run.
The top bell is empty; the bottom is still,
Reminding me of His work that’s been done.
Resting, quiet, and peaceful,
This timepiece no longer enslaves.
The war is over, and victory is won
Through an empty cross and grave.

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