This post is part of a Five Minute Friday linkup. A one-word prompt is given and we write, freely, for five minutes, then post. This week’s prompt: Lost.
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A young athlete redefines himself as a son of the King after his health is lost.

A new mother learns to trust in Him when her ability to control is lost.

A workaholic engages with his family after his job is lost.

We clamor, grip, and strive to win, but usually, it’s in the losing that we find what we’re looking for.

I’ve been thinking about this while watching the World Cup players strut around the field. They take dives, push, argue, and even BITE to advance their position.

Wouldn’t it be better for them to learn that the world is so much bigger than their soccer field? Wouldn’t it be best for them if they lost?

Wouldn’t it be better for me?

When I know where I’m going, I go my own way. But shouldn’t I go His?

When I succeed, I raise my head high. But shouldn’t I stoop before Him?

When I win, I’m lifted above the crowd. But isn’t He the only one worthy of that place?

The world has it so backwards. I have it all wrong.

Only when I’m lost, in the dark, with the snakes, can I be found.

Only when I fail, can I can see that victory is found in Him alone.

Only when I lose, my hands are able to receive all that He has to offer.

So go ahead…get lost.

Five Minute Friday
For those of you who were at the #fmfparty last night on Twitter, you’ll find a three-word phrase that I added just for you! Do you see it? 🙂

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