This post is part of a Five Minute Friday linkup. A one-word prompt is given and we write, freely, for five minutes, then post. This week’s prompt: Belong.

A quick question.

140 characters.

Just shoot me a text.

Just a short visit.

I won’t keep you.

I’ll make it quick.

We have been trained to take no time.

We have learned to flit about. Forgetting how to land and linger.

We must talk fast and stay short.

And then you find someone who’s heart beat slows for you. Someone who looks you in the eye and asks questions.

With this person, with this group, in that place, there is no rush. There, you don’t have to edit down your words or tighten up your message.

There, you can be …long.

And it’s love.

Love wants you to tell your short stories long.

Love remains without the rush.

Love peels away your heart and begs for more, no matter what time it is.

And there, you don’t have to wrap it up or cut it short.

In love, you can be long.

Because in love, you belong.

Linked up here with Crystal Stine

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