Each week, we write for five minutes, freely, on a one-word prompt. No time for much planning or revising. We write quickly, then post, linking together at LisaJo’s site  
This week’s prompt: FINISH. 
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The Finish Line’s stretched thin.
Tightly strung, with tension within.
The runners strain and push hard,
Reaching out, and hoping to win.
But the long lanes pull them on,
And the race is running long.
For no one can make it to the end;
No one seems worthy of finishing strong.
So, the tape at the end remains,
And the runners are locked in their lanes.
No hope within sight, no relief is near.
All racing shoes feeling like chains.
But One Runner comes, up from a grave.
Coming to win by losing, and save.
The tape tears like flesh, like a curtain, in two.
Bringing freedom that runners have craved.
The Finish Line becomes a place to begin,
Signaling victory, that the striving can end.
The tension released, the divider gone.
The Race is over, and Love gets the win.

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