GNO with Jeanne Kuhlman: Angels, Sleep Deprivation, and Carolyn

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I have been married to Dexter for 45 years, have two married children, four grandchildren and am very involved at church. Finding joy in the little things in life! That is an essential part of my life. I enjoy family, friends, flowers, cooking, paper crafts and home making. I am committed to serving the Lord as He leads!
What is the best beauty tip someone ever gave you?
My aunt gave me the advice: Before the age of thirty, you should use a facial moisturizer every day! Along with a bright smile, you will reflect a younger you.
What has God taught you about friendship?
God has taught me that friendship is a gift from Him. We may have different friends during our various seasons of life. He has brought friends into my life to help me reflect, grow, encourage, learn and/or share in a relationship that is built on trust. Such a person usually has a compassionate nature and is considerate of others. God has placed them in my life for a reason.  It may be to use me in their lives or for them in mine in some way. I Ike to think that He has provided them as angels. I know that I can trust Him in any and all circumstances. I pray that He keeps me keenly aware of those along my path in life.
What advice would you give a new mother?
Enjoy your precious gift from God. No child comes with instructions, but prayer and love will guide you. It is essential that you take care of yourself and grab a nap when you can. With sleep deprivation, every challenge is greater. Remember to laugh at yourself, keep notes on a calendar or small book to remember first moments and special memories. Children grow so quickly, you will find it hard to remember details if you don’t write it down. We always think of teaching our children but they will teach you many things.  As they grow older, you may find bigger challenges.  Again, pray for guidance and allow the Lord to direct you. 
What has God taught me about trusting him? 
If I can trust God with little things, I know that I can trust him with bigger things.  The more time I spend with him, the more I learn to lean on him. I pray expecting him to show and guide me. 
What woman most inspires me? 
I have a friend Carolyn who has always inspired me. She is such a woman of God. She is such a confidant, always listening and offering advice. She has such a wonderful sense of humor and helps me to laugh at myself. We have prayed together and experienced wonderful godly moments. We have shared many moments with our children as they went through the teenage years, their weddings and now grandchildren. Through all of the years, we see the hand of God because we have spent time with Him and his Word. She is a blessing of the Lord!
Your friend,
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