Each week, we write for five minutes, freely, on a one-word prompt. No time for process. We write quickly, then post, a flash-mob linking together at Kate Motaung’s site. It’s fun!
This week’s prompt:  LONG

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Why does it take so long?

I want to change, but it’s been another day with my same old struggles.

Every once in a while, things feel different and I think I’ve “turned a corner” in my journey, but it’s merely just a bend in the longest road.

In church, they call it “sanctification”. I call it “tension”.

He tells me I’m free, a new creation, and victorious.

But it’s taking a long time for reality to catch up with what’s true. Why so long?

He could fix me with one word. He could blow away all of my bad habits with one breath.

But not yet.

As the miles stretch on, the pace weakens me and distance breaks me down.

Over and over, I need a reminder to lighten my load and lean on him, or I’ll never make it.

I must be wired and re-wired to distrust my own sense of direction and follow His lead, or I’ll be lost.

And after a long day, I’m…

…weak enough to know His strength.
…empty enough to receive and be filled.
…humble enough to hear His voice.

As the sun bows low before Him, my heart does too …and I see: The long road is the way. The long struggle is the how.

And someday, He’ll bring me home. And I’ll be ready. Not perfect, but ready.


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