GNO with Emily Heman: Shoes, Joan Rivers, and Laughter

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My name is Emily Heman and I’m proud to be mom to Karen Brown and Kathy Morice. Jim is my husband of almost fifty years and we’re also blessed to have two godly sons-in-law. 
I’m called “Mimi” by my six grandchildren, ranging from college-age to third grade. I was recently “poked” on Facebook by my two oldest grandsons. I’m told that’s a good thing. 
I feel so unworthy to be invited to this party with such wise women, but I’m glad that I’m here.

Do you have any beauty hints? 
For the older gals:

Wear comfortable shoes. If your feet hurt, you’ll have a painful expression on your face and no one will notice your hair, makeup or your  cute outfit.

For age spots on hands: Use Joan Rivers’ cover cream and BIG bracelets.

For Thinning Hair: Use Joan Rivers’ root touch-up a shade darker than your hair color. 
WarningDo not do this on a rainy day!
~May Joan rest in peace!
Do you have any housekeeping tips?
Clean your house as if it will be inspected by your mother-in-law.

What advise would you give to a younger bride?

First, be glad that you’re a “younger” bride. 
Always remember that your marriage is a gift from God and requires a full-time commitment
to be all that it can be. Your relationship with your husband must always take priority over
your career, your bank account, or your friends.
Pray together each day and focus on God as the soul mate of your marriage. Raise your
husband up with a compliment each day and occasionally it’s ok to let him know that you
welcome them also. 
A kiss and a hug should be part of each “hello” and “goodbye”. “I love you” ends every
phone conversation. 
Never, never speak unkindly of your husband to others. That not only dishonors him but
dishonors your marriage. 
Marry someone with whom you like to be alone with and find things that you both love to do
When you laugh together, cry together, forgive each other, you “grow up” as well as grow


May God bless you with a wonderful, long-lasting marriage.
Your friend,

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