GNO with Karen: A Thank-You, Observations from the Back Seat, and A Peek in our Rear-View Mirror


Don’t know what Girls’ Night Out is all about? Click HERE first. 

I’m Karen and this is my blog. I was the one asking the questions to these beautiful and wise women all month.

I am a teacher at heart, and am enjoying using my gifts in the children’s ministry at our church. 

Nestled in the St. Louis suburbs with four amazing kids and a very patient husband. I can usually be found walking, reading, and mostly, hanging out with my family. But if you don’t find me there, I’m headed to the next Girls’ Night Out! 🙂 

For one month, I allowed my blog to be hijacked by some of the wisest women I know. We took a ride through the ups-and-downs and ins-and-outs of their stories. Our “car game” was sharing tips, experiences, and wisdom. We heard deep talk about trusting God, hard-learned lessons about our identity, and tear-jerking stories of overcoming loss. We also collected beauty tips, career advice, and homemaking short-cuts. And not once did I want to ask, “Are we there yet?”

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this trip. I got to sit in the back seat and give these trusted friends the steering wheel so they could take us to the places of learning in their lives. And now, as we pull in the driveway, I feel we are all a little closer and much wiser.

I’ve learned many things. But mostly, what struck me is that we are all so different, yet all the same. I love the variety of these posts and how God gives His wisdom to all kinds of women. However, it’s comforting to be reminded that the majority of us share the same struggles and had to learn many similar lessons “the hard way”.

One of our enemy’s most effective lies is that we are alone. I’d like to think that on this trip, by sharing our stories, we have disarmed him a bit. I can feel the victory, can’t you?

Ladies, thank you for this month. I’m grateful for all of you who took a seat, whether it was to share your answers, to chime in on Facebook, or to listen quietly. You all made a difference and contributed to the win.

It’s sad that our Girls’ Nights have to come to an end, but we’ve documented them well. Any time you visit my blog, you can take a joy-ride for some girl-talk again. Just click on the GNO picture in the sidebar and you’ll be on your way.

While I was in the back seat, I started formulating some responses to my own questions. This led to some thoughts about the tendencies of our wonderful, but complicated gender. Our historical highway has the skid-marks to prove a swerving story. I’ve written about what I learned HERE.

Thank you again for a wonderful month. It was a blessing to hear your wisdom and it’s a joy to ride this road with you.

Your friend,


2 thoughts on “GNO with Karen: A Thank-You, Observations from the Back Seat, and A Peek in our Rear-View Mirror

  1. sunflowersandcoffee November 1, 2014 / 11:25 am

    Thanks for your series! I haven't read everything yet but will surely be back to catch up!


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