GNO: Barb Boyle’s Favorite Things


When I was a little girl, this is what I said to the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A TEACHER!! I always said. I set out on my quest as I was the teacher of the neighborhood “school” in our basement, of my little brother born nine years after me, a teacher’s aide while in high school, a day camp director, camp counselor, middle school teacher and coach, preschool teacher at PEEPS, Sunday school teacher, and a college campus ministry staff person.

 I continue to love teaching as I have homeschooled our three children: Bethany (22), Brendan (20), and Bridget (16). I have been married to (Charles) Bryon Boyle the past 26 years. Bryon and I met on the Central singles’ softball team. It has been quite the adventure as we set out raising our children with lots of camping, canoeing, swimming, books, movies, ice cream, and pizza.

And here are some of my favorite things!!

Favorite job: Kinko’s copies : I worked with wonderful people and did such a variety of types of work from taking passport pictures to making copies to binding booklets.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Deerr / 6th grade in Lafayette, Indiana. Mrs. Deerr was so encouraging and yet challenging both in and out of the classroom. She encouraged us to strive for excellence in everything. She went beyond the classroom and organized softball and basketball teams for girls my age. Also, her daughter, another Barb, was my age and my friend.

Favorite Cleaning Product: Oxyclean. Gets grass stains out of baseball pants and whites look whiter!

Bryon and Barb

Best Parenting Decision: making our kids take piano lessons. They have all excelled at music, played a second instrument and had some unique opportunities to perform.

Brendan said at his homeschool graduation banquet: “Thanks for not letting me quit piano.” Brendan plays piano for worship at a college fellowship group. He also played the bugle at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery for a Boy Scout Memorial Day Ceremony.

Bethany minored in music in college (piano), gave piano lessons during college, and currently plays for chapel services at Brookes Bible College.

Bridget got to play the harpsichord with a special performance of The Bach Society this past winter. Also, she plays her djembe drum at worship at Central and is the drum sergeant for Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corps.

“Thanks for not letting me quit piano.”

Brendan, Bethany, Bridget

Best Childhood Friend: Sandy. I was in preschool when I met Sandy. She lived across the street from me and would come over and play dolls with my sister and me because she only had brothers.


Sandy moved during first grade and our moms kept us in touch 1-2 times a year. Then we moved to Indiana for six years and Sandy and I wrote letters. She sent me information about the Bible and was the first person to personally witness to me.

Our family moved back to St. Louis when I was sixteen and Sandy and I got together a few times. We didn’t see each other much for about ten years and then we both were homeschooling moms. We and I ended up in the same homeschool co-op and taught a class together. Our sons graduated together in the same homeschool class.

We are closer than ever now and enjoy each other’s company immensely and try to get together to have lunch once a month.

Your friend,

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