GNO: Mary Elizabeth Blythe’s Favorite Things

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I am married to Jeremy and mother to our four beautiful children. Life has been the backdrop upon which God has shown me Himself and myself. It’s been a rocky ride, but a sweet one. 

I fear that I am out of deep pithy things to write about, but, as always, I’ll be honest and true to what’s on my mind. That’s your cue to exit if need be.  😉


My Favorite Music: My favorite Christian music that actually gets my heart in a posture of worship would be Shane and Shane. I love almost everything they do.

I also love and very affectionately relate to Imogen Heap. Her music is quirky and honest and transitions in ways that, for whatever reason, seem natural to me. You either like her or you don’t. I listened to her album once in college and have followed her ever since, I have no other artist like that.

Here’s the video for Imogen Heap’s “The Listening Chair“.


My Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  This ties into the above favorite thing – I love to sing. I don’t sing at church because it’s just not a great season for that – and I honestly don’t know if I could anymore. But there is something about singing that I’ve always felt suits my soul, and, so, driving around with the music surrounding me in the car, and being a part of it, belting out all the feels is definitely something you might find me doing around St. Louis.

My kids join in at times (when appropriate) but sometimes I just have to hash out my problems in the car to a couple of songs. There’s that.


My Favorite Cleaning Product:  If you haven’t cleaned with Mrs. Meyer’s  All Purpose Cleaner, then you’ve been missing out. It has essential-oil fragrance, so nothing artificial there, and it gets everything up.

AND if you buy the concentrated refill from Target then you’ll only have to buy it like two times a year. (I don’t keep my house super clean so take that as you will)  🙂

Now that’s it for the non-super personal items on my list. So let’s dive into the GOOD STUFF 🙂 …


Favorite Jewelry from Childhood and Adulthood: I was adopted by my aunt (from my biological mother’s side) and my uncle when I was about 4 and solidified that arrangement by the time I was in kindergarten. I had my name changed, was introduced to Christ, and was deeply, deeply loved.

Not long after, my parents bought me a ring to celebrate the new and forever love I had with them. It was a tiny little thing, yellow 14k gold with two hearts and diamonds in the middle of the adjoining hearts. I had that ring on my finger until I almost had to have it cut off. (To this day that finger’s bone is smaller than all of my other digits and has required special sizing – much to my husband’s dismay when we got engaged)

BUT WAIT… it gets sweeter!! In my last semester of college when Jeremy and I were dating, he decided to pop the question. He took me on a long journey of a scavenger hunt and ended up at the chapel, down on one knee with a ring with TWO HEARTS AND A DIAMOND in the middle! Only a Master Craftsman can work out details like that… Jeremy had no idea. 


The Bible often talks about the Holy Spirit being the seal of God upon us – a promise of a future with us. For me, receiving that specific engagement ring was just as special of a moment with the Lord as much as it was between Jeremy and me.

“You were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is given as a pledge of our inheritance, with a view to the redemption of God’s own possession, to the praise of His glory.” Ephesians 1:13-14
It wasn’t the kind of engagement ring I had pictured in my head – but it meant more to me than what I thought I wanted. It tied into my life’s story and sealed a promise of another chapter of love and belonging – written by my heavenly Father.

I believe these are details only the Lord can weave together and show me. Ways that He’s very personally present – that I am in HIS story and my story is part of HIS.


My Favorite Parenting Decision:  Just do it. Yep. Real inciteful and so deep. I was too afraid to raise kids, love kids, or have kids. And told my husband that I was dead-set on not having any until we were 30.

Well, 9 months after our wedding day – we welcomed Titus to our family. And 12 months after we had Titus, we welcomed Maddie Grace into our family. And 14 months after Maddie Grace, we welcomed Noelle to our family. It was another 2.5 years till we welcomed Joseph to our family.

And in God’s providence, He’s used the toil of raising kids to show me, even more, facets of His love and my husband’s love.

Here’s to that 🙂 Thanks Karen for inviting me to do this. It was a nice time of reflection.

Your friend,
Mary Elizabeth

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