GNO: Melanie Braun’s Favorite Things


My name is Melanie Braun. I’m married to Marc and I’m the mom of 3 really fun guys named Nicolaus, Noah and Gabriel. I’m from Farmington MO but I’ve lived in St Louis since 1999. I’m one of those Jill’s-of-all-trades, but mistress of none kind of gals. I can fix my own flat, ride a motorcycle, or pull and back a trailer(Farmington, remember?) – but you’ll just as likely find me whipping up dinner or sewing a skirt. My degree is in theater but I haven’t been in a play or musical for ages. Maybe some day when the kids are older…  


My Favorite Car I’ve Ever Owned  – just happens to be the one I currently drive. It’s a 2009 Honda Pilot. I love this car. It’s fun to drive and has that great feature where you can use the remote to close or open the tailgate. So, when your hands are full or you’re pushing a cart you just hit the button. But, my favorite part is that it has a super tight turning radius for an SUV. I can do a u-turn like nobody’s business.


My Favorite Place to Travel (so far): Torch Lake Michigan. We’ve been meeting friends every summer in Northern Michigan for the last 7 summers. Torch Lake is a relatively small glacial lake near Traverse City. It’s 300 feet deep and crystal clear. While there in July, we enjoy the water, sun and mild temperatures. We play in the water by day and cozy up to a fire by night. Fresh cherries and blueberries are in season during our stay, and we can’t get enough of them.

My Favorite Gift: For Mother’s Day 2015, right after my mom died, Marc surprised me with a video he made describing how my real Mother’s Day gift was a trip to Oxford, England to visit my friend Vicki Jensen and her family.


My Favorite Drink:  Taro Boba Tea from Corner 17 in the loop. So, so delicious. If you’ve never had boba tea, you should totally go there and try it.


My Favorite Holiday Tradition:  For the first 14 or so years of our marriage, Marc’s Grandpa, who lives in Arizona, would send us a big box of fresh oranges for Christmas. Early in our marriage with just the two of us, and then with little kids, there were so many oranges we didn’t know how to use them all and gave quite a few away.

During this time we started peeling them and simmering the peel with a cinnamon stick and cloves throughout the holiday season. It so happened that come November we all started to long for the big box of oranges to arrive and looked for the delivery on the front porch. Grandpa Larry has since stopped sending the oranges as a gift. Age has gotten the better of him, but we will always simmer orange peels and spices at Christmas.

Your friend,

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