Each week, we write for five minutes, freely, on a one-word prompt. No time for process. We write quickly, then post, a flash-mob linking together at Kate Motaung’s site. It’s fun!
This week’s prompt:  BECAUSE

Why do I read my Bible, pray, and go to church?
Why do I cook meals for my family and clean house?
Why do I teach my kids manners, good habits, and life skills?
Why do I care what outfit my daughter is wearing?
Why do I want to be a good wife, friend, daughter, and sister?
My “becauses” aren’t what they should be. 
Because I want to make up for my sin. I want to earn God’s love.
Because I want to be better than others. I want glory.
Because I want my kids to be better than other kids, so my mothering will be praised. 
Because her outfits point to my identity. I want to appear to have it all together.
Because I idolize being good at things.   
And it’s an ugly list. But my list answers many more questions that were asked: 
Why Jesus?
Why the cross?
Why the blood, death, and darkness?
My shiny Christian deeds are a good cover for my unrightous motives. But they’re all there. Not always on the outside, but so very evident on the inside. 
Inside, where I can keep them hidden. Right where Jesus chooses to live and work.
His pure motives offer me righteousness. His finished work gives me rest. And HIS because is the only answer that can change me. 
And why? BECAUSE He is the answer to all of the questions. Because love. 

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