GNO with Julie Kraus: Fairytales, Fabuloso, and Friendship

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I love to cook…Love my family…I’m a new grandma and love serving the Lord as the cook at Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis. I love love love my job and what God has called me to. It’s fun, relational, and a huge part of my life. I am sarcastic and love humor. And I love my friends…that’s me in a nutshell:-)


     What would you tell the “younger you” about boys/men/relationships/marriage?
Well, I was married before, very young, and I will say I wanted the fairytale. I wanted the white dress and the wedding and the “life” of being married to someone. It was far from a fairytale and more of a nightmare. I have found that when you don’t seek God in relationships, whether marriage or friendships, then sometimes you get what you have asked for. God always has a better plan, so if you seek him in your life and in your relationships, I think he does bless that. It doesn’t mean you will have a perfect marriage or friends that always validate and love you. I do believe he uses people to grow you and refine you to his will. I would tell the younger me to wait and to pray for God to bring the right person. I would have been more patient for what was to be. I would tell my younger self that marriage is not 50/50.  Its more like 80/20 on both sides.

What is the best homemaking/cooking/cleaning tip someone gave you?
My neighbor told me when I had the twins, to do just a little bit each day of what needs to get done and by the end of the week a lot has been accomplished.  She was right. If you tackle a lot of stuff at once you feel like that is how you have to work. Learn to be delighted by just getting the counter cleaned or one bathroom cleaned. I like projects and feel that I have to finish the whole ironing basket but if I ironed a couple pieces everyday with the laundry there would be no big project. 
About cooking…I love to make several meals at a time so that I save time later in the week for what I want to do. Why waste time cooking everyday when you can make enough for the week in an afternoon?
About cleaning…there is cleaning and there is picking up. Totally different! Try cleaning one room at a time and pretend it is not yours. That helps me. Look at everything and make a list of what needs done. I love checking things off the list so it motivates me to start so I can check stuff off.  New cleaning products that smell good motivate me also. I love to use Fabuloso. It has a distinct lavender smell and it lasts more than a day…love that!
How has God revealed your gifts to you?  What are they?
Cooking would be what I love to do and God has made that more than a gift and turned it into a job and ministry. Look at what you enjoy and that is usually where you have been gifted to serve. I love talking to people. Encouragement and friendship is my gift also and I open myself to others and share my life with them. I listen and I pray for others. It blesses me and blesses them.
What has God taught you about friendship?
Sometimes people are in your life for a while and God always has a purpose for it. The close relationships you have are for a reason. God brings people together.  God uses friendships to teach and cultivate you. We are relational beings because he made us that way. He has intent and purpose for that. Sometimes your life experiences draw people to you and you are drawn to them because of theirs. I don’t believe there are coincidences with this. I believe God uses this to teach us and train us.

Your friend,

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