GNO with Molly Snyder: Skinny Jeans, Nap Time, and Cutting to the Chase

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I’m married to my best friend and am a stay-at-home-mom to two great kids. I live in St. Louis, and spend my free-time running, baking, and learning how to send an allergic kid to school. All while loving Jesus. 🙂

What is the best beauty/fashion tip that someone gave you?
Dress for your body type, not by the latest fad. I have never gotten on board with skinny jeans, even though EVERYONE wears skinny jeans. They don’t look good on everyone, chiefly me. More importantly, invest in tailoring. Clothes at the mall are designed to fit a pretend person. Plus, the sizes are irrelevant and inconsistent. Buy something that mostly fits you, then take it to a tailor to take it in on the sides or hem the sleeves. The clothes you see at a store are a great starting point, but not always an end point, which also makes it easy to buy things when they’re on sale. I’ll happily buy an expensive dress on sale for $20, then spend $20 at the tailor and have a $40 dress that fits me exactly. Also, I learned on Full House that the trick to wearing make-up is to make it look like you aren’t wearing any.  🙂
What is the best homemaking/cooking/cleaning tip that someone gave you?
Make dinner during nap time. At the very least, prep dinner during nap time. It makes the time after school much less stressful & gives you a shot at cooking a healthy meal so your family can sit down together, rather than scrambling through the drive-thru because you didn’t have time to make dinner.
How has God revealed your gifts to you? What are they?
This has been a long, and frustratingly slow, process. The older I get, the more I learn about who I am and who God is. And, I think it’s changed as my stages in life have changed. 

My gifs are not what I’d like them to be – I want my gifts to be hospitality & to be excellent with small talk, but instead I am very good at cutting to the chase. Which leaves a lot of room for awkward silence. However, in God’s faithfulness, I have also seen this as a huge blessing in my walk with the Lord. I can quickly ask, “does this (thought, word, action) honor & glorify the Lord?” Or, when standing at a crossroads, my first thought is, “I want to do whatever will honor the Lord, so what is that?” I can get to the point quickly.
How has God given you understanding about your identity in Him?
He’s humbled me. He’s crippled me. He’s taken many of my favorite identities away. And, you know what? I’m happy about it. Each time He strips one of my idols away, no matter how hard I may fight tooth and nail to hang on to it, I find, once again, that God is enough. I really love that about Him.
How do you deal with gossip? What advice would you give in this area?
This is something I actually spend a lot of time thinking about because it’s so easy for women to get sucked in and ‘out gossip’ one another. I still don’t have a great answer. When I am about to say something about another person, I try to imagine that person standing there to hear it. Or, I ask their permission first. If I’m in a group that is beginning to gossip, I usually just walk away – that solution protects my ears, but it’s not completely loving of the group. I haven’t found a way to politely steer the conversation (because I’m good at cutting to the chase), but I hope Cher Curtis answers this question, because she’s awesome at graciously and loving changing the topic or the tone without making it a huge deal; it’s truly beautiful to watch her. Wait, does that count as gossip?
What woman most inspires you and why?
I know a woman who has arranged her entire life so she is completely available to what the Lord has for her that day. She lives close to her church, she serves in her community, she is generous with her time. Sabbath lasts all day, not just two hours in the morning. She loves the Lord & gives tirelessly to the people around her, whether they be in her building, her church or her community. I hope to be even just a tiny bit like her someday.  
Your friend, 

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