GNO with Linda Tackes: Dating, Brisket, and Beyond Identity


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Linda has been a pediatrician in St. Louis for almost 20 years and loves her job and the families and kids she cares for everyday.

Wife to her favorite guy: John for 21 years. Mom to Joseph, Julia and Jacob. (All of them her favorite- you guys are 18,16, and 12- quit asking!!!)

In her free time, she loves traveling, gardening, cooking, coffee with friends and watching her kids play sports- lots of sports!!!
What would you tell the “younger you” about boys and dating?
I would say… What is the purpose of dating? (I do love to answer a question with a question;)

Answer: To meet your future spouse. So, there really is no reason to “date” and get emotionally entangled with somebody who (at 16, 18, or 20) has no real shot at that job just yet. Go out with your friends, both guys and gals, and spend time with people who share your interests and who are interesting to you. Save the serious dating for later, maybe during college or after?!?
What is the best beauty or fashion tip that someone gave you?
  • Cetaphil is the best face soap at any age and for any type of skin
  • Baby oil is great for dry skin
  • People always look at your eyes when they speak to you- a little mascara looks great on everyone
What would you tell the “younger you” about body image?
Don’t compare your body to anyone else’s body. You are unique and beautiful and God made you in his image (of course, in my case, God must have a big nose… just kidding!!) As for resisting the lies that our culture tells us, that’s easy. Don’t buy into the culture of perfecting your body. Don’t buy the magazines or watch the shows about fashion and modeling. It is all created for entertainment and to sell you stuff you do not need! 
What is the best cooking tip that someone gave you? 
My mom’s beef brisket recipe: 
This is NOT a heart healthy recipe…
  •  place brisket in covered pan fat side up
  • sprinkle one packet of onion soup mix over the top
  • pour a splash of water in the bottom of the pan
  • bake at 225 degrees for 9-12 hours ( 9 hours if your want to slice it and 12 hours if you want it to be fall apart tender)
What advice would you give a young bride?
Read “The Cry of the Hidden Heart” by Karen Bacon or join a Hidden Heart Bible study. I learned so much from this study in my 30’s that I wish I knew when I was 24. One of the main points of this study is for us to look to God/Jesus instead of our husband to “complete” us. HE is our perfect Bridegroom.

What advice would you give a new mother?
This question is hard because I talk to new moms all day and these are some of the things I always say:
YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!! So many new moms just need a little confidence. Don’t we all need to hear this sometimes?
Parenting a child is a process. Don’t try to perfect it! There are 100 different ways to feed, diaper, discipline, sleep train, educate (etc.) a child. There is NOT one right answer. Soooo when your family and friends offer advice. take note, smile, nod your head if you must, and use only the advice that is helpful and ignore the rest.
Also, LOVE your child and all of their unique qualities. They were made in God’s image too!
Lastly, the sleep deprivation will pass- I promise.
How has God given you understanding about your identity in Him?
He has placed people in my life who have helped me to deepen my faith and He has put me in situations in which I had no other choice but to cling to HIM.
I am currently reading  “Beyond Identity” by Dick Keyes. It’s an eye opening look about our identity in Christ. This is not light reading…I had to get out my pink highlighter!
My favorite verse? Proverbs 31. It is a great description of a Godly woman’s character.
What is a lie that you believed as a younger woman that you don’t believe now?
 A woman can have a successful career and be an excellent mom without sacrificing either.
The truth: You can have a successful career and be an excellent mom, but there will be sacrifices!! 

Your friend,
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