GNO with Sierra Brock: Eyebrows, The Bare Minimum, and Trusting God

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I was the girl who hid in the trees with paper and pencil to write poetry. I was “that nerd” in Jr. High and early High School that liked Shakespeare sonnets and old literature. It wasn’t until my last 2 years in high school that I really began to write out my heart and my journey. It was in this time that my health was very uncertain, and my pain was great. I struggled with the possibility of death, the uncertainty of countless tests, and the eventual end of no diagnosis. As I transitioned from care-free girl to fearful teen, I wrote more and more, deciding that I needed to leave something behind if I died young.

Now, I continue to write as a young woman just traveling through life. Tea and chocolate is a favorite combination of mine, and I am Junior High Literature & Keyboarding teacher.
I hope you have your cozy socks on and some chocolate close at hand. Take your first bite of chocolate, and let’s get this night started!
What is the best beauty tip that someone gave you?
Eyebrows! Eyebrows! Eyebrows! I am not sure who gave me this tip, or if I just got sick of my bushy, forever over-grown eyebrows, but it stuck with me.  Learning to shape and maintain my eyebrows made a huge difference in appearance. No, I did not become a model as soon as I shaped my eyebrows, but I did look more “put-together”. Now, I pluck, shape, and take care of my eyebrows, because it helps with presentation.
What advice would you give a young woman who just got her “real” job?
Be someone to miss! I left home at the ripe old age of 17 with several suitcases and some great advice from my dad.  One of those snippets of advice was to “be someone to miss.” This advice has continually run through my mind over the last several years. So, when you start your new “real” job, learn with dedication, work with a servant’s heart, and love your co-workers even if they dislike you. When you leave a job as an industrious worker, you will be missed. It is invaluable to leave a place better than how you found it! Be someone to miss.
And now, take a couple of bites from your delicious chocolate as we head into the next question…
How do you resist the lies that culture tells you about your body?
Don’t take the time to listen to what culture says about your body! How does that happen? Know the truth about your womanhood by studying the Bible. Realize that it’s not about you and your body! Ever. Accept that there will always be someone prettier than you. Dedicate your time and energy to helping others with their needs. You will soon find that those penetrating cultural lies will become fewer and far between, and you will realize how insignificant those petty lies were in your life.
We are almost done, so chomp down on that chocolate, but save a little for the end!
What has God taught you about friendship?
sierra brock pic


I have been dating for one year. This friendship between me and my man is the deepest I have ever had. I have learned countless things that I can’t record completely in this blog post {you would run plumb out of chocolate!}. So, here is just one. It is never right to only give the bare minimum in friendship. Give of your time. Give of your energy. Give of your love. Of course, there are going to be times when your giving looks less than other days, however you must still have a heart of giving! Take that one extra step that makes another person feel loved and cherished. How much more time does it really take to ask a question, write a note, give a hug, or encourage through a small gift? Give beyond the minimum.
Alright, it’s time to plop the rest of your chocolate in your mouth as we cover one more question. Just go ahead, and stick it all in your mouth!

What has God taught you about trusting in Him?
I have had numerous health difficulties in the last 4 years. Trusting God has been a growing lesson in my life. Trust is an action verb. It is the act of placing your life and heart in God’s loving care. It is a choice. You must choose to release your burdens onto Him. He wants to have them!
Trust holds the hand of prayer. I have learned to pray to God often as I deny myself the ease of worrying. In essence, I must say, “God, here is my life. I give it back to You. It isn’t mine. I trust You to guide and direct my life in the way You would have it be.” Immediately, peace steals over unrest, and a steady joy ripples through my heart in constant flow. But, I must actively give my worries, thoughts, and life back to Christ.
Don’t let the end of your chocolate end your Girls’ Night Out! Go get some more chocolate, call up a good friend, or catch up on some more blog reading.
Your friend & fellow {Ghirardelli} chocolate-lover,

Sierra Brock

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