GNO: Molly Snyder’s Favorite Things

13873091_10154401204563829_1120676262803767822_nI’m married to my best friend, Todd, and am Mom to two great kids, Keegan and Clara. I live in St. Louis, work part-time at Central Presbyterian Church, and spend my free-time running, baking, and learning how to send an allergic kid to school. All while loving Jesus. 🙂

My Favorite Date: One of my favorite dates Todd and I have ever had was a random Thursday night when Keegan was about six months old. Todd and I were tired, we were learning how to parent together, we didn’t have much spare energy or spare money. The day was completely normal until I came downstairs after putting Keegan to bed, already thinking through my to-do list of laundry and dishes and work to be done. When I walked downstairs, I saw Todd dressed in a suit, standing by the front door, saying, “Go get dressed, we’re going to the symphony”.

I was shocked, confused, and anxious. “Who is staying with Keegan? We can’t just leave him here asleep. We’re going tonight?! How?”

He just said, “You’re wasting precious time – you have ten minutes to get ready. I’ve covered the sitter. Go get dressed!” So…I did. I came downstairs in a black dress and heels, ready to head out for the symphony, all the while a little worried, “Man…this is awesome. I love that he can surprise me…but, wow, I am so tired. I hope I don’t fall asleep and one of the ushers has to wake me up. I don’t want him to think it was a bad idea...”

Todd met me at the front door, coat in hand. However, rather than walking out the front door, he walked me back to our family room, where he’d rearranged our furniture and printed a program for the evening, complete with an intermission and information about the composers. Then, he walked over to the CD player and hit play. It was the best date ever.



My favorite Kid Birthday Party Idea is one I stole from a friend and I love it especially for when kids are little or it’s their first friend birthday party – a breakfast PJ party!

Probably selfishly, my favorite thing about a breakfast birthday party is not having to spend the whole day getting ready for a party while simultaneously answering, “Is it my party yet? Is it time for my party yet?” over and over until the birthday girl or boy dissolves into a puddle of tears just as the guests arrive.

We served pancakes, bacon, and  fruit – always a hit; and decorated pillowcases while listening to bedtime stories. It’s a sweet, fun, and relaxing morning. And you get to stay in your PJs!

My Favorite Quote: I regularly have one or more quotes floating through my head at any given moment, key phrases have always stuck out to me. The idea I’ve most thought about over the last several months is from a professor I had in grad school. He said:

The lie we live with consistently as leaders is that if we put enough time and effort into our ministry, our life, or our project, we will have success. We assume, satisfaction-wise, that if we put enough time and effort into it, we will grow. But believing this leads to a works-based theology. Real satisfaction is bumpy and slow and sloppy because we live in a fallen world.”

Though he was specifically speaking about life in ministry & discipleship, isn’t it true in all of life?


My Favorite Song: A song I always drop everything to listen is the song Todd and I first danced to as husband and wife, “Home” by Michael Buble. We picked it on one of those nights when I felt overwhelmed by the planning and just wanted to find a courthouse and a judge to marry us. I didn’t care if I walked down the aisle heels or flip flops, I didn’t care if the icing on the cake was cream or dove white. I was tired and I was done.

As I moved through the checklist of decisions, listening to a Buble CD play in the background, I flippantly said, “We need to pick a song for our first dance. So…..1-2-3-not it!”.

Todd said, “Okay, ummmm…how about this one?”, cupping his ear to hear the CD. I’d never heard it before and I was barely listening to it then. We played it once more to time it, and I loved it.

It was the perfect song for us, ‘Home’ suits us & our lives at the time. But more than that, when I hear ‘Home’, I remember how my future husband stepped in and took my burden and I am reminded of how thankful I am to marry the one who is always on my side!


My Favorite Recipe: We rarely eat out, which means I cook a LOT, so it’s tough to narrow down my favorites. Coming out of summer, I’ll say my favorite recipe is currently called, “Molly’s Favorite Salad”…it’s delicious & only requires one pot!
4 potatoes (yukon gold, red or blue), quartered
2 ears of corn
green beans (about a handful), trimmed to 1” pieces
1c cherry tomatoes, halved
1 cucumber, peeled, seeded & chopped
5-6 scallions, chopped
2T fresh cilantro
1 lb salmon (option, but yummy)

vinaigrette: 1/4c red wine vinegar, 2t mustard, 1t sugar, squeeze fresh lemon juice, 1/2c olive oil

Sprinkle salmon with salt & pepper, roast in foil lined pan until done (6-8 min)
boil potatoes 12-15 minutes in a large pot, removed with a slotted spoon & add to serving bowl. Add corn to the same pot of water, boil 2-4 min until done, remove to cutting board & cool. Add green beans to the same pot & cook 3 minutes, remove with slotted spoon & add to serving bowl with potatoes. Remove corn kernels, add to potatoes & beans. Mix in tomatoes, cucumber, scallions & cilantro, toss with vinaigrette.

Your friend,

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