GNO: Molly Snyder’s Favorite Things

13873091_10154401204563829_1120676262803767822_nI’m married to my best friend, Todd, and am Mom to two great kids, Keegan and Clara. I live in St. Louis, work part-time at Central Presbyterian Church, and spend my free-time running, baking, and learning how to send an allergic kid to school. All while loving Jesus. 🙂 Continue reading

The Upside-Down Kingdom


I want to have it all, to live a life full
With world’s best things in my hand.
But something’s not right; things seem askew.
I don’t feel at home in this land.

I want to be happy, so I do what seems best,
And I clutch tightly the things that I earn.
But in releasing my grip and giving away,
He gives lasting Joy in return. Continue reading