The Upside-Down Kingdom


I want to have it all, to live a life full
With world’s best things in my hand.
But something’s not right; things seem askew.
I don’t feel at home in this land.

I want to be happy, so I do what seems best,
And I clutch tightly the things that I earn.
But in releasing my grip and giving away,
He gives lasting Joy in return.

I want to be first, I fear missing out,
So I rush to the front of the pack.
But in turning around, I see the real stash…
He’s put His best things in the back.

I strive to be important, better than most,
So up the ladder I climb.
But in the boosting of others, in stooping to serve,
He lifts me to a rung that’s prime.

My heart’s all shattered, a disintegrated mess.
I’m failing to fill my own soul.
But in emptying myself and pouring me out,
He fills me all up, and I’m whole.

I flex my big muscles and boast of my strength,
For the world scorns those who seem meek.
But He molds me best when I am softened and bent,
His power shows most when I’m weak.

I long for true love, but the world offers junk:
Greed, lust, and the desire to feel.
But He shows me the cross, where He laid down His life.
His love is lasting, selfless, and real.

I labor at things He’s not asked me to do;
I’m weary, and sure He’s impressed.
But He looks away and points to His work.
His salvation comes to me when I rest.

So, it’s no wonder I’m dizzy, a bit on the edge;
I’m off-balance and don’t feel equipped.
But He steadies and assures me that I will learn,
To thrive in His Kingdom, upside-down and flipped.

Photo Credit: Rose Erkul 


One thought on “The Upside-Down Kingdom

  1. Molly January 31, 2017 / 9:22 am

    LOVE this!


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