Girls’ Night Out: Stories


Are you over-due for some “girl time”?

I just love Girls’ Night Out! I rarely pass on an opportunity to spend an evening talking the night away with friends.

How about we use my blog as our GNO meeting place during the month of October? It should be a party!

No one has to get a sitter, rearrange her schedule, put gas in the car, stay out late, or even change out of her pj’s! And… I don’t have to dust my living room! 🙂

I’ve gathered some of the coolest and wisest women I know and gave them an assignment: to share one story.

Some have funny stories, others brought touching ones. Some will make you cry. Others will leave you nodding your head and whispering, “Me too.” There will be birth stories, wedding stories, and most embarrassing moments.  You know how it is when women get to talkin’…

AND… you’re invited! You know you want to kick off those heels or jogging shoes, curl up with a cup of tea or glass of wine, and get lost in someone else’s story.

I’m praying that God will be glorified through each and every Girls’ Night Out. I hope that women of all ages are blessed and encouraged by them for many months to come.

May we all grow closer and find ourselves in each other’s stories.

Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul. Psalm 66:16

Here is the lineup so far. One story will go “live” each night at 7:00 throughout the month. Each name below will be linked to a story that you won’t want to miss…

October 1: Cathy Barnes
October 2: Nancy Gruneisen
October 3: Jamie Stowell
October 4: Jan Burch
October 5: Lynn D. Morrissey
October 6: Toodie Schaper
October 7: Paula Robinson
October 8: Christan Perona
October 9: Amalia LaViolette
October 10: Debbie Doriani
October 11: Lisa Dobrich
October 12: Sierra Fedorko
October 13: Molly Snyder
October 14: Denise Dolan
October 15: Jenny Smith
October 16: Julie Schloss
October 17: Catherine Estes
October 18: Kayla Brown (my daughter!)
October 19: Linda Gurney
October 20: April Johnson
October 21: Mary Suzanne Crockett
October 22: Beth Freund
October 23: Susan Maynor
October 24: Ruth Stith
October 25: Sara Denckhoff
October 26: Rosemary Oliver
October 27: Megan Dunham
October 28: Lisa Roth
October 29: Rebekah Sasse (It’s her birthday! 🙂
October 30: Jane Ellen Mark
October 31: Elizabeth Anderson

Thank you all for being a part of my story in big and small ways.

Your friend,

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To the Husbands of Our Youth

One hot September evening…

Dear Husbands of Our Youth,

We know it’s been a rough go sometimes. And we know marriage can be really hard work. We also know you love us, but honestly, we don’t understand why you say women are so complicated, unpredictable, and hard to please. It’s just not true.

Let us explain.

First, we are NOT complicated. We are a simple straightforward gender. You just need to remember these basic things:

If your wife is quiet, it means she is sad. Unless the silence has lasted for more than twenty-four hours. If that’s the case, it means she is angry. If she’s sad, you must gently pursue her. If she’s angry, you must give her some space. And when we say “pursue”, we know you heard “SEX”. For the record, this quiet sad/angry time is not a signal that we want you. Yes, seriously.  Continue reading