It’s called Five Minute Friday. Each week, we write freely on a one-word prompt. Then we link up at the amazing Kate Motaung’s site. It’s a flash mob of writers- having fun and sharing their take on one word. This week’s prompt is FIND.


“Hey, Mom! Can we stop and get that cat?”

I slowed the van, alarmed by their tone and asked, “Why?”

“We just saw a sign back there about a lost black cat. It’s probably looking for its home. Please?! ”

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Ten Things the Church Can Learn from Quik Trip

It’s called Five Minute Friday. Each week, we write freely on a one-word prompt. Then we link up at the amazing Kate Motaung’s site. It’s a flash mob of writers- having fun and sharing their take on one word. This week’s prompt is TEN.  528f104c00ade.image A few years ago, a Quik Trip was built one block away from our house. With each visit, I’m more impressed by the way they do things. Many times, I’ve thought about what the church could learn from them … Continue reading

To the Husbands of Our Youth

One hot September evening…

Dear Husbands of Our Youth,

We know it’s been a rough go sometimes. And we know marriage can be really hard work. We also know you love us, but honestly, we don’t understand why you say women are so complicated, unpredictable, and hard to please. It’s just not true.

Let us explain.

First, we are NOT complicated. We are a simple straightforward gender. You just need to remember these basic things:

If your wife is quiet, it means she is sad. Unless the silence has lasted for more than twenty-four hours. If that’s the case, it means she is angry. If she’s sad, you must gently pursue her. If she’s angry, you must give her some space. And when we say “pursue”, we know you heard “SEX”. For the record, this quiet sad/angry time is not a signal that we want you. Yes, seriously.  Continue reading

A Normal Day at the Pool


There’s a drawer in my dresser that’s really hard to open. It takes all of my strength – and much prayer – to pull it.

It’s the second one from the bottom. It’s the first one with two brass handles instead of one. It’s my swimsuit drawer.

This year was especially difficult. Due to my newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, too little exercise, and maybe a few extra beers and burgers, I’ve gained some weight. My middle’s round and protruding, my breasts aren’t. The veins in my legs have risen to a whole new level of artistic expression. My thighs have gone from small curd to large curd. And my upper arms haven’t stopped flapping since I waved goodbye to last summer… Continue reading

Our 5 Best Christmas Gifts That Keep On Giving

Our family loves Christmas. We start talking about what kind of lights we will put on the house and tree right around Halloween. Clark My husband turns up the volume as soon as the radio station switches to Christmas music. Our Christmas movies get pulled from the shelf and dusted off even before we’ve digested our Thanksgiving meal.

And much of our enjoyment is a result of some practices we fell into when the kids were young. I say “fell into” because I don’t want to sound like we are the kind of people who have our act together. We didn’t intentionally plan out these things… they just sort of happened.

But these are the things that have made a huge difference in how we celebrate this monster of a holiday. These are the things that have helped us “tame the beast” a bit, and even enjoy what could be a pressure-cooker for a family of six. Continue reading

Which Me Will Be in Heaven?

What it will be like to stand before God? Many of us envision this scene. Some picture it to be a throne room with God and Jesus sitting side by side in all glory and splendor. Others imagine file cabinets full of debts with Jesus marking each one “Paid in Full” as God smiles in approval. Still, there are some who think of pearly gates or even floating cherubs. To be honest, my brain has entertained all of these scenarios. But lately, my wondering hasn’t been about what I will see in Heaven. I’ve been simply wondering which “Me” will be there.

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Lost in the Scramble

The other day before an appointment, I was doing the “Mom Scramble” on the way out the door :  letting the dog out, finding keys, turning off lights, switching laundry, loading dishes, etc.  I was minutes away from being on my way when my husband called.  He was giving me an update about that evening’s logistics, “Uh, huh.  Okay.  That will work.  What time?”  I was already doing seven things; talking on the phone made it eight.  An average-sized scramble, I’d say. No big deal for a veteran like me.

My two youngest blessings waited by the door, watching me hustle around (another blog idea for later).

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