Girls’ Night Out Story #31: Elizabeth Anderson

Cliff Palace
(Cliff Palace, NPS file photo)

In 1985 I was junior at University of Arizona majoring in General Studies – the major for students who have no idea what they want to do. I went to U of A to swim on their synchronized swimming team. We won the 1984 Collegiate National Championship, and then the team was cut due to lack of funding. Harsh reality of college sports, but a good thing for me. Continue reading


Girls’ Night Out Story #30: Jane Ellen Mark

My story is not deep or poignant or profound—but, like all our stories, evidence of God’s loving providence.  It’s a fun story, one with a happy ending.  It’s about how my husband Bob and I finally got together for life—our “courtship” and engagement. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #28: Lisa Roth

Just last month, I was leaving my house on a Sunday afternoon. Home from church, I was headed to the grocery store. After working all day throughout the week, I want to sit down each evening with my family over a meal. I’ve got to plan ahead to make it happen. It’s my Sunday routine. Well, this Sunday afternoon would be anything but routine. Continue reading