Girls’ Night Out Story #31: Elizabeth Anderson

Cliff Palace
(Cliff Palace, NPS file photo)

In 1985 I was junior at University of Arizona majoring in General Studies – the major for students who have no idea what they want to do. I went to U of A to swim on their synchronized swimming team. We won the 1984 Collegiate National Championship, and then the team was cut due to lack of funding. Harsh reality of college sports, but a good thing for me. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #30: Jane Ellen Mark

My story is not deep or poignant or profound—but, like all our stories, evidence of God’s loving providence.  It’s a fun story, one with a happy ending.  It’s about how my husband Bob and I finally got together for life—our “courtship” and engagement. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #28: Lisa Roth

Just last month, I was leaving my house on a Sunday afternoon. Home from church, I was headed to the grocery store. After working all day throughout the week, I want to sit down each evening with my family over a meal. I’ve got to plan ahead to make it happen. It’s my Sunday routine. Well, this Sunday afternoon would be anything but routine. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #14: Denise Dolan

Finding Humor in His Decisions

August 1, 1981. St. Gabriel's Church
August 1, 1981. St. Gabriel’s Church

I met my husband in 1980 when I was working at the service desk at Target and he came in to cash his check. We were married a year later and settled into life as a teacher and construction engineer. Wanting to be settled, we waited to start our family for a couple of years. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #13: Molly Snyder


As I pulled Keegan out of his car seat at the sitter’s, I heard one wheeze.  He was fourteen months old and we’d already gone through so much in his first year, he couldn’t possibly also have breathing problems now.  I brushed it off, telling myself it was just a squirrel.  I kissed him goodbye and headed to work. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #8: Christan Perona



Reunión de creyentes. Prayer meeting. It was an hour that would later become a favorite part of each day—a time before dinner to reflect on God’s goodness and beg for His glory to be manifested again. Our team of missionaries and Peruvian seminary students sprinkled the sanctuary in groups of two or three. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #7: Paula Robinson


Have you ever held a grudge against someone?  Yes, even as a Christ-follower?  Well, I have, and it’s not pretty.  It doesn’t make you feel better, and it certainly doesn’t help the relationship.  But, I’m so glad I didn’t have to learn the hard way about letting go. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #6: Toodie Schaper

The journey I am sharing is our adoption story of our daughter, Heather, in the form of prayer journaling. And it begins in the spring of 1984. We had been married for 6 years already…


Dear God, My sister, Debbie, called today to tell me she’s going to have a baby. I want to be happy for her, but the hurt inside me seems too big to get past. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #5: Lynn D. Morrissey

Meeting the Poet

by Lynn D. Morrissey

Note: This story unfolded at Central Presbyterian Church, in St. Louis, where I am a member.


Louis. Daniel. Brodsky. After the names caromed around in my mind, I shaped each one with my mouth, thoughtfully, haltingly, as if trying to retrieve from memory the lyrics of some long-ago song, lyrics I had once known well, but had since forgotten. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #2: Nancy Gruneisen


I never thought I would have trouble birthing children, but does any woman? My sister, Sally and I each got married about eight weeks apart. After two years of marriage (isn’t that the magic number?) we both began trying to conceive. She got pregnant first. I remember feeling a twinge of jealously but realized it might be great for her to “break” my parents into the grandparent scene rather than me. No big deal. Continue reading

Girls’ Night Out Story #1: Cathy Barnes


In February of 1986, I turned thirty and my husband of seven years walked out. There was no warning, no prior struggles, no big fights – just a simple, “I don’t love you anymore and I don’t want to be married.”

To say the bottom dropped out of my little “Susie-Homemaker” world would be a severe understatement. Continue reading